EDTalk Wednesday: Celebrating Your Creativity Scars

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At 3:20 pm on Wednesday, grab a seat in Hagfors 151 for a 15 minute talk from Dan Ibarra and Lyz Wendland: “Celebrating Your Creativity Scars: Engaging Art for Holistic Student Engagement”. In this session, professors Wendland and Ibarra from Art & Design will talk about engaging creativity in the pedagogical practice. This session will serve as a starting point for a longer upcoming workshop.

Wednesday, October 16 | EDTalk with Dan Ibarra & Lyz Wendland | 3:20 pm- 3:35 pm, HC 151

There will be also be a workshop on Thursday, November 7, Celebrating Your Creativity Scars Workshop: Engaging Art for Holistic Student Engagement from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm in the Marshall Room. You can RSVP for the Workshop portion in the link below (no need to RSVP for the EDTalk).

This workshop will focus on embracing our vulnerabilities to increase engagement in the classroom. We will share active learning techniques that normalize discomfort. Examples include: mindmapping, reflective practices. Facilitated by Chris Houltberg, Joaquin Muñoz, Beliza Torres Narváez, and Lyz Wendland.

RSVP for “Celebrating your Creativity Scars”