Changing Password Remotely – Tips to Prevent Computer Lockout

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Faculty and staff using Augsburg owned computers remotely may encounter login issues after updating Augnet passwords remotely because the new password will not be synced with the computer until it returns to the campus network.

You should always change your password from the “Change Password” link on Inside Augsburg. Once you return to campus and log into the computer while connected to the Augsburg WiFi or LAN network, the computer password will update.

However, if your computer does not sync the password before its original expiration date, the computer itself may still prompt you to change your password. We do NOT recommend changing the password if you see this prompt – this password will not sync with Augnet and may result in you being locked out.

To prevent login issues, faculty and staff should consider updating their password on campus before their current password expires.

For more information on updating your password visit