Black Writers Healing: online forum featuring Augsburg student Taiwana Shambley Jr.

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Black Writers Healing

Challenging Authors and Writers to Testify About Their Experiences….

Come hear the voices of our writers. With the pandemic, the recent murder of George Floyd, and the current uprisings and rebellions in cities across the nation and the globe, our community needs spaces where we can process and heal. We must write our own stories. How do we address some of the pain, loss of hope and unpredictability that our community is experiencing? How do we change the narrative of who we are? Participate by sharing your thoughts in this Forum!

Guest Writer Panelists:
Keno Evol
Carolyn Holbrook
Artika Tyner
Taiwana Shambley
Tish Jones
Jesse Ross
Dr. Joi Lewis, Moderator

A Community Forum on Zoom
Saturday, June 27th, 2020
2:00 pm- 4:00 pm

Sponsored and Organized by the MN Black Publishing Arts Collaborative:
In Black Ink
Matter of Africa America Time Corporation
Papyrus Publishing Inc.
Planting People Growing Justice
Strive Publishing
Vermillion Ink Press
Wise Ink

Registration link – Black Writers Healing: Challenging Authors and Writers to Testify