Payroll Changes – Effective Pay Date 9/11/2020

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Dear Staff and Student Employees,

We wish to inform you of some payroll changes that have been made for improving the payroll and timekeeping processes, effective Sunday, August 23 (for pay date September 11).

Timesheet Deadlines
● All timesheets must be approved by 12:00 PM on Monday of payroll weeks.
● Supervisors may establish an earlier deadline for staff and student employees.

Time Entry
● Exempt staff must submit a timesheet recording their paid-time off or submit a blank timesheet affirming they did not take time off during the pay period.
● Hourly staff and student employees must accurately record all worked hours on each day/shift they work, not at the beginning or the end of the pay period.
● All staff must accurately record paid-time off each pay period.
-Exempt staff record time-off in four (4) hour increments*
-Hourly staff record time-off in 15 minute increments

Timesheet Corrections/Changes
● Supervisors should review all timesheets for accuracy before approving.
● If changes are needed, supervisors should “reject” the timesheet.
-The timesheet is returned to the staff/student employee to make changes.
-The staff/student employee must re-submit the corrected timesheet for approval
-Supervisors must approve the corrected timesheet.
● Supervisors should contact payroll to make changes to timesheets only if they have already approved it and changes are needed.

Vacation and Sick Accruals
● Vacation and Sick time will accrue over all 26 pay periods in the payroll year.
● Vacation and sick time earned in the current pay period will be available to use in the following pay period.

New UI (User Interface) and Home Screen of Time Entry System (KRONOS)
● The BACK TO CLASSIC menu on the top right will be removed and the new user interface design (NEW LOOK) will be updated.
● The main screen of the Dashboard will be updated to the Home screen with the widget function.

Thank you for your cooperation.