Faculty: Join the American Associations for University Professors

submitted by narvaezb@augsburg.edu

To join AAUP or renew got to: http://www.aaup.org/membership/join . To know more, keep reading! In order to be in our mailing list, email Nancy Fischer (secretary): fischern@augsburg.edu

What is AAUP?
Founded in 1915, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is national nonprofit advocacy association of faculty and other academic professionals. It emphasizes shared governance, academic freedom, and works to amplify faculty voices. For more information go to http://www.aaup.org

Is there an Augsburg chapter?
Since 1966, Augsburg AAUP chapter has worked to advance AAUP’s mission to ensure strong faculty participation in shared governance. To read more about Augsburg AAUP chapter’s advancements go to:

Why join now?
AAUP amplifies your voice and advocates for you! Currently we are concern about:
-Continued erosion of faculty presence and authority in governance of our academic program;
-Cancellation of curricular programs without robust faculty oversight;
-Changes in compensation and workloads
-Potential contractual and copyright implications of long-term online-only instruction (beyond emergency remote teaching and learning);
-Full participation in institutional decision-making regarding budget cuts and salary cuts;
-Assuring restoration of current faculty salaries, benefits and status when the current crisis abates

How much are the dues?
There is an income-based sliding scale. Considering the median salaries at Augsburg for tenured and non-tenured faculty the yearly dues are most likely between $66-134. You can do a one-time yearly payment or pay in monthly installments ($5.50-$11.17).

New member’s discount
The Minnesota AAUP chapter reimburses half of the AAUP membership fees for first-time members. Please, email your receipt for AAUP membership dues along with a mailing address to MN-AAUP secretary Katharine Bjork at: ksbjork@hamlline.edu