Spring Parking

submitted by erchula@augsburg.edu

The Department of Public Safety will be continuing to offer free surface lot parking to all students, staff and faculty to begin the Spring Semester. If you choose to park in our surface lots you will not need to display a permit or register your vehicle through the parking services site; however, we strongly suggest registering your vehicle with contact information so DPS staff can get a hold of you if there are any issues with your vehicle.

Spring Semester underground permits for both the Oren Gateway and Luther garages are available for purchase on the Parking Services website (link on the Inside Augsburg page).

As we did with the Fall Semester, we will continue to monitor the surface lots and may require parking permits later in the semester. If we determine permits are necessary later in the semester, we will provide ample notice and opportunity to purchase permits.

Please email publicsafety@augsburg.edu with any questions.