Podcast of Liturgy of the Hours

submitted by dames@augsburg.edu

You are invited to listen to a podcast of the Liturgy of the Hours presented by Luther Seminary Chapel and Augsburg University Campus Ministry. The Liturgy of the Hours podcast is sponsored by Luther Seminary Chapel and Augsburg University Campus Ministry.

It’s Ordinary Time, but it is the extraordinary love of Jesus that gathers us. We call it ordinary, perhaps, to remember that Jesus comes into our everyday ordinary lives and calls us into mercy and peace right where we are. Liturgists: Green Bouzard, Michael Morris & Luther Seminary Student Jaime Benson.

Also, join us tomorrow in Hoversten Chapel or by Zoom for the first of a five part series with the Fifth House Ensemble in which they will introduce Deep Listening – a mindfulness practice motivated by the idea that communal music-making is everyone’s birthright. Fifth House Ensemble will partner with Augsburg University to work with students from the school of music, the McPhail Music Center, and the Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship for a semester-long residency focused on community and co-creation. Fifth House will work directly with composition students to develop their works and provide guidance through entrepreneurship workshops focusing on life outside of school.