Facilities Management Cleaning Practices

submitted by abounass@augsburg.edu

As faculty and staff return to Augsburg University offices, the Facilities Department wants to share information about our cleaning practices.

Custodians are focused on cleaning classrooms, common spaces, and bathrooms. As a reminder, they will clean office suites daily and individual offices one day a week once they are made aware that the space is in use again. If your trash needs to be emptied more than that, please empty it into a commonspace trash receptacle, such as those in hallways.

A sanitization station is at most building entrances with gel hand sanitizer and foaming hand sanitizer. There also are disinfectant wipes to use in your office as well as in common and shared spaces after use.

Please put in a custodial request to refill gel hand sanitizer in building dispensers if they’re empty as well as for more disinfectant wipes or for any other custodial needs.