Fluent in Spanish? Judge for the MNUDL’s Spanish Debate League (All Virtual)

submitted by froehlic@augsburg.edu

The Minnesota Urban Debate League is a program of Augsburg University. We provide academic competitive debate programming to middle and high school students in the Twin Cities.

Our Spanish Debate League is designed to affirm & empower Spanish-speaking students. The program is held entirely in Spanish.

Spanish Debate League is being held 100% virtually this year in response to COVID-19. This year’s topic is the impact of social media on society. We need volunteer judges! Can you help?

All rounds and judging will be entirely in Spanish. Judges watch debate rounds and then evaluate teams on argumentation, logic, and public speaking skills. Judges must be fluent in Spanish, but no prior judging experience is necessary to volunteer; judges receive a short training and all necessary materials prior to the start of tournaments.

If you’re interested, please sign up below. Email mnudl@augsburg.edu with any additional questions.

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