Updated Information on May 1 Robbery

submitted by erchula@augsburg.edu

Public Safety staff received additional information regarding the robbery that occurred on 5/1 that the incident began with the suspects rear ending the victim’s vehicle. When the victims exited their vehicle to view the damage and exchange insurance information, one suspect stole a purse from the victim’s vehicle, while another got into the victim’s vehicle and drove away. One of the victims attempted to chase the suspect who stole the purse, but stopped when the suspect with the purse pulled out a gun.

– If you are involved in an accident on campus, remain in your vehicle and call Public Safety at 612-330-1717 or contact Public Safety using the CampusShield safety app
– If you are a victim of a crime, do not attempt to chase or apprehend the suspect – focus on details of the suspect(s) that could help identify them and contact Public Safety staff as soon as it is safe to do so

The timely notice on the Public Safety website has been updated with this information.

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