Still Time to Study Off Campus This Fall

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Augsburg CGEE has extended the deadline to June 15th for our Fall Semester programs in Mexico, Namibia and Central America, and to June 30th for the USA Program on the Mississippi River. You can use your financial aid, plus a $1500 Travel grant for the international programs.

These programs emphasize social justice, community engagement, and boast an active, hands-on learning style. Small group sizes are expected this fall, allowing you more personal attention from our instructors. If this sounds like an environment you could thrive in, check out each program in the link included!

Complete several graduation requirements including your Augsburg Experience requirement (all off campus programs satisfy this requirement). Additional general education requirements are available on each program, such as Humanities credits, Search for Meaning II, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Modern Language 1 & 2, Fine Arts, and even your Wellness requirement! Check each program page to see which requirements are satisfied at each location.

Students interested in studying off campus this fall can talk with the study abroad & away office to find the right fit for you. Make an appointment with our advisor at:

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