Staying Safe On and Off Campus

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As we welcome students, staff, and faculty back to campus, it’s important to remind each other of ways to stay safe on and off campus.

ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings
Be alert when walking
Walk with confidence and your head up
Do not wear headphones or have your phone out
Safety in numbers – when possible, walk in groups
ALWAYS lock your apartment doors
Lock your vehicle doors and do not leave property visible in your vehicle
DO NOT prop doors open on campus
DO NOT leave property unattended
Keep a document with information about important property (make, model, serial numbers, and distinguishing features)

Maintaining a safe campus is a community effort, and the Department of Public Safety needs your help to keep our campus safe. If you see something, say something – call Public Safety if you notice any unusual or suspicious activity.

(612) 330-1717
CampusShield Safety App

Augsburg Department of Public Safety