Lindell Basement Cleanup, Energy Savings and New Meeting Room Projects

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Work is continuing on the lower level of the Lindell Library, which flooded on August 26. A plug snapped off from the fire sprinkler line of Lindell’s water system, causing clean water to run into the mechanical room and the rest of the lower level. The entire space was flooded and nearly two feet of water filled an elevator.
Augsburg is working with professional sanitization and environmental firms to assess when the space will be usable. It has already been determined that the two classrooms, 15 and 16, are usable.

All campus light bulbs are being replaced with energy-saving LED lights by the end of the year. Facilities will notify departments about a week ahead of time and share updates via A-mail when work is being done in their area. The cost savings was planned to pay for a needed replacement for the Edor Nelson Athletic Field dome. The dome is 15 years old and the life expectancy is 12. The new dome will be installed in November.

Since there’s a lot of demand for student organizations to meet, Anderson 21 and Sverdrup 208 are being turned into meeting spaces. Anderson 21, in the residence hall’s basement, was used by McGough Construction as an office during the Hagfors Center construction. Sverdrup 208, had been the former Honors Lounge. Both areas are being updated with paint, new carpet, and technology to become meeting rooms. Once the projects are complete, it will be communicated via A-mail and reservations can be made.

For additional Facilities information, please visit the department website.