Ticketing in Augsburg Lots Begins Sept. 12

submitted by erchula@augsburg.edu

Ticketing and towing from Augsburg owned parking lots for permit violations will begin on Sunday Sept 12. To avoid receiving a ticket or being towed from Augsburg owned parking lots you must have a current Augsburg parking permit, the permit must be displayed in your vehicle on your dashboard or hanging from the rear-view mirror with permit information facing out of the vehicle, and you must be parked in the correct parking lot (commuter, residential, staff/faculty).

If you do not have a current Augsburg parking permit a limited number of permits are still available for purchase through the Parking Services website. To purchase a permit, sign into Inside Augsburg and click the link for ‘Parking Services’ from the menu on the left and complete your profile by entering your vehicle and contact information. After you complete your profile, select the ‘Permits’ tab, read the disclaimer and click on ‘Agree’, then select the permit you want to purchase. After you submit payment for the permit you’ll receive an email within 72 hours notifying you that your permit is ready to be picked up at the Public Safety office.

If you are not eligible to purchase an Augsburg parking permit (such as residential first year students) or choose to not purchase a permit, your vehicle must be moved from the Augsburg owned parking lots and streets by 12:00 a.m. on Sunday September 12 to avoid receiving a ticket and/or being towed.

If you have any questions please email us at parking@augsburg.edu or call us at (612) 330-1717.