Call for Male-Identifying Actors for Theater Department Production

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Character Description:

GUS: artist, white gay man, up and coming painter, Tanner’s boyfriend

TANNER: English teacher, Improv actor, Asian/Asian-American gay man, Gus’ boyfriend

White by James Ijames

Plot: When his friend becomes the head curator at the prestigious museum, Gus is sure his break to be a renowned painter has arrived. However, things do not turn out as he hoped. He asks his boyfriend Tanner to connect him with Vanessa, an actress from improv class. Together they will create a masterpiece for the museum’s “New America” exhibit that will, hopefully, bring them to fame. “White” is a bold comedy using art to address head-on current issues of race, representation, gender, and sexuality.

Content Disclosure:
• There is intimacy (simulated and distanced) between Gus and Tanner
• There are microaggressions related to race, as this is one of the subjects the play directly addresses.
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*The Theater Department requires Covid vaccination in order to participate in
the Season productions due to the amount of exposure and physical proximity
rehearsals and shows require.