September 15 ED Talk: “How I Learned to Love Integrated Course Design and Why you Should, Too”

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ED Talks are back! Tara Mader and Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright (ICD Workshop Leaders) will introduce you to (or remind you about) Integrated Course Design (ICD). ICD is an all-inclusive pedagogical mind-set that we’ve sometimes described as “advanced professor-ing”. Come see why we’re so passionate about this idea and how you can get paid to learn about and design your course using this system.

CTL will offer ED Talks (based on the concept of TED Talks) before each faculty meeting from 3:10-3:30pm over Zoom. This year’s theme is “The Future of the Professoriate at Augsburg”, and 2021-2022 Ed talks will be framed under this broad theme that speaks to our “new normal” and beyond.

(click here to access the Zoom link; Augsburg login required)