Imposter Syndrome-Conversation on Identifying and Overcoming

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Save the date for an important conversation on identifying and combating the Imposter Phenomenon! Event will be Tuesday, September 28th, from 12-1 PM.

Join the Steve Fund for this national Community Conversations event to learn about the impact and experience of Imposter Phenomenon on young people of color. Discover strategies, resources, and tools and techniques young people can use to deal with stress, anxiety and other negative mental health impacts associated with the phenomenon to promote healing, well-being, and mental health so they can survive and thrive in the college environment and as they enter the workforce.

Open to students of color in, or headed to, college, and all who support them, including family members, educators, and mental health professionals.


Dr. Kevin O. Cokley, Steve Fund Mental Health Expert, Chair-Elect, Department of Educational Psychology. University of Texas at Austin