Campus Poster Policy

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Student organizations, university departments/offices, individuals, and outside organizations may use University space to publicize events and meetings. Out of consideration for the right of free expression, the rights of viewers, civility, and respect, the following guidelines are to be followed when posting flyers and notices. The policies listed below only apply to flyers and notices posted in areas outside of the residence halls.

No direct or indirect promotion of alcohol, drugs, obscene material, or materials that would violate applicable laws or University policy is allowed.

All postings must be approved and dated before posting. Posters and flyers can be approved at the Copy Center, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A maximum of 20 will be stamped and approved for posting on campus. If you submit a job through the copy request system we can apply a digital version of the stamp as we print.

Posting is only allowed on designated posting strips, bulletin boards and kiosks (where provided). All approved poster areas have a yellow/gold placard posted on them, if a poster board does not have this it belongs to a department and you will have to ask the department to post there. Postings are not permitted on any other surface or space, such as glass, doors, walls, windows etc.

Posters and flyers must be put up using push pins, tacks, or staples; no tape, duct tape or any other adhesive or fasteners may be used. Any posters will be charged for damages to walls and surfaces.

Only one poster per event is allowed on each board. Posters and flyers are allowed 2 weeks of display time. If you want to keep the posters after the two weeks are up you must take them down yourself, if you do not they will be recycled.

Thank You!
Copy Center Staff