Self Care for Young Women of Color: Caring for Self and Others- this Saturday

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MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT: CARING FOR SELF AND OTHERS: Elevating Mental Health & Well Being For Young Women of Color

Now, more than ever, women of color face unique stressors that are compounded by the intersection of race and gender identities. This event aims to Attendees will be guided through an inspiring and empowering interactive experience. During this two-hour virtual event, take time for self awareness, healing, and mentorship as we engage with one another around the important relationship between mind, body and spirit.

Event is sponsored by The Steve Fund, and led by the amazing Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, —APA President-Elect, internationally recognized lecturer, performer, and minister. Her expertise includes trauma and holistic healing, with special focus on the intersection of gender and race, and thriving in today’s world.

Event is FREE, and from 12-2 PM this Saturday!

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