Winter Break and Spring Parking Permits

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Hello Auggies,

DPS hopes everyone is having a stress free and successful finals week. We just wanted to announce the parking plans for both winter break and spring semester. If you have already bought a full year permit, you can disregard this message as it doesn’t apply to you.

WINTER BREAK: On December 16, all fall semester passes will expire. If you plan on staying over winter break, you can purchase a winter break permit for $50 through the Inside Augsburg Parking Services tab on December 16. Even first-year resident students will be able to purchase this permit for winter break. The pass will expire on January 15, 2024.

SPRING SEMESTER: Next week Monday (December 18), passes for the Spring 2024 semester will go on sale. Those can be purchased through the Augsburg Parking Services tab. Please note: this will be the first semester that we will no longer be using physical hang tags.

UNDERGROUND PASSES: If you previously purchased a Fall Underground pass, expect an email from DPS asking if you’d like to re-up for Spring Semester. If you were put on the waiting list, you’ll also be receiving an email about how to purchase an underground pass. If we have any additional passes left over in either underground garages, we will announce via email.

The entire DPS team wants to thank everyone for their cooperation and feedback with our new virtual permit system. As always, please make sure that you accurately register your vehicle(s). Even if you’re off by one number or letter, you can be ticketed by the cameras. Additionally, we’d like to remind everyone that if you drive more than one vehicle or get a new license plate, you MUST register these vehicles to your parking account. The LPRs (License Plate Reader cameras) won’t recognize another vehicle you drive if you haven’t registered it, regardless of whether you bought a permit or not.

Any questions, please feel free to email

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