Coming Up at Cedar Commons

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“Discussing Disability”
Tuesday, April 11th 6-8pm

In response to last semester’s panel audience asking for a more discussion-based event, please join us for a facilitated discussion about living with disability.

This will include an opportunity to hear first-person narratives of what it’s like to live in today’s world as a disabled individual as well as time for discussion about experiences, misconceptions, assumptions and other issues surrounding disability.

Speakers will include people with a range of experiences, abilities, and disabilities.

Light refreshments will be provided.

“Interfaith @ Cedar Commons: A Spirituality of Climate Justice”
Thursday, April 13th 6:30-8:30pm

The world’s wealthiest nations, with their activities and consumption, continue to drive climate change. The most marginalized communities are least responsible for it and yet bear the weight of its heaviest impacts: the poor, people of color, and indigenous communities. Climate change is foremost an issue of justice.

So what do faith and spirituality have to do with our relationship with the planet? How do our faith communities serve as both a catalyst for powerful change, and a source of denial and complacency?

Join us for an evening of delicious food and conversation with Interfaith Power and Light as we learn from their powerful work and consider how each of us can work together towards a better world.

ABOUT INTERFAITH @ CEDAR COMMONS: Do you need to be a “person of faith” to come? Absolutely not. We welcome anyone with interest in conversation about how faith/spirituality shape our lives and intersect with the issues we care about.

This gathering is hosted by the Interfaith @ Cedar Commons organizer team and the Augsburg Interfaith Scholars.

Where Is Cedar Commons? 2001 Riverside Ave. S (Below Trinity offices)