Augsburg Alum Needs Litter Patrol Help for March for Science

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Augsburg alum Amanda Lipsky has requested volunteers to help keep the April 22nd March for Science Minnesota route clean! Check out the message below and e-mail to sign up!

We need volunteers to join us at the start point of the march, Cathedral Hill, at 10:30am to form our Litter Patrol and prepare our march cleanup. We will provide bags to collect litter along the march route: separate bags for trash and for recyclables. Members of the Litter Patrol will collect litter as we march. After the march and rally, the Litter Patrol will pick up any litter at the rally site, the Minnesota State Capitol Mall. Our goal is to be environmentally responsible by ensuring the March for Science – Minnesota leaves the march route cleaner than we found it, and that anything recyclable is brought to a recycling center, not left in the trash. All the trash and recyclables that the Litter Patrol gathers will be responsibly disposed of.

FULL DAY: We need as many people as possible to commit to the full day, as outlined above.

If you have little time, small children to accommodate, or a bus home to catch there are two shorter shifts available for your convenience.

Shift 1: show up at Cathedral Hill at 10:30 and help with Litter Patrol until we reach the rally site at the capitol. Turn in your trash bags at the rally site. You can go home immediately after the rally.

Shift 2: Meet up with the Litter Patrol just outside the rally site at 12:00 Noon and get your trash bags. Stay to clean up after the rally for as long as you’re available and we need help.

Thank you for marching for science! As an Augsburg alumna it makes me very proud to see my college partnering with the March For Science Minnesota and leading the way in ecologically sound practices.

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