Call for Student Hosts

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The Nobel Peace Prize Forum is seeking students who can act as hosts for visiting students in the Fall of 2017 during the important event days. Students are asked to step forward as hosts to other college and university students who will be visiting the Twin Cities for the Forum from the 14th-16th of September. Students will be coming from all over the country (as far as Hawaii) and we may also have a few international students on campus.
If you know you are living on campus next Fall, then you would make a perfect host! Anderson, Luther, and Mortensen would make great spaces for visiting students to stay, but any on campus living area would be fantastic. We are looking for students who would be willing to help out and provide space for 2-3 nights.
As a host you will have the opportunity to get to know a student outside of Augsburg. It is a great experience that allows you to meet some new faces and contribute to the college‚Äôs rich academic community. You will serve as another student’s introduction to the Twin Cities, and have the opportunity to connect with non-Augsburg students.

If you would like to be a student host, or have any questions about hosting please email or call!