Extra Commencement Tickets

submitted by walkerdd@augsburg.edu

Hi Auggies and Community,

I am walking in the commencement ceremony this spring and I am in a bit of a tough situation. I invited 8 relatives (some from out of town who have purchased airplane tickets) who want to attend the commencement ceremony to support and celebrate my accomplishments. I need four more commencement tickets to accommodate my family members so they can come to the ceremony. In the past there has typically been extra tickets available for students in this situation but there seems to be a large amount of students who are participating in the ceremony this year so there has not been any extra tickets available as of yet or possibly not at all. I invited more relatives than I had tickets with the understanding that there would be more tickets available as it had been stated in multiple emails and even on the commencement site. Anyways, my ask is that if someone has one or more extra tickets, that they share them with me so that my family can be a part of one of the biggest moments of my life. If you have extras or know someone that does, please email me at walkerdd@augsburg.edu.

Thank you,

Diamonique Walker