Kudos to Team Lindell

submitted by holleric@augsburg.edu

Congratulations to the team at Lindell Library for organizing and hosting the first ever Upper Midwest Region WMS User Group meeting! Fifty participants representing twelve academic libraries gathered at Augsburg last Friday to share information and tips on the finer points of WMS (WorldShare Management System), the platform used by participating libraries to manage their online catalogs and all basic library operations.

Mike Bloomberg served on the planning committee and was instrumental in bringing this meeting to Augsburg in the first place. Rebecca Ganzel served as hostess extraordinaire throughout the day’s festivities. Karen Alexander and Karen Hogan presented on their experience implementing a new interlibrary loan management system, and Rebecca Ganzel and Stewart Van Cleve discussed how they created customized search boxes for locating music and video titles in WMS.

Thanks to each and every one of you for all your hard work and for making all our colleagues feel so welcome throughout the day! Congratulations on making this event such a huge success!