OL Congratulations

submitted by aleshirn@augsburg.edu

The Campus Activities and Orientation (CAO) Department is excited to announce that the following individuals have been selected as the 2018 Orientation Leader Team!

Abdirizak Abdullahi
Emily Brown
Anna Chen Lu Bruneau
Linh Dao
Joseph Gaskill
Pachi Hang
Sam Luhning
Jessica Mendoza
Emily Miszkiewicz
Emily Painter
Araceli Arreola Renteria
Mai Chia Thao
Cooper Vang
Morgan Wigle
Sylvester Winfield
Ashlyn Winkels

If you see any of these individuals around campus, please make sure to congratulate them! CAO is incredibly excited to have such a strong group of individuals welcoming prospective students to Augsburg University.