2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum: Great Opportunity for Students

submitted by mangana@augsburg.edu

With the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum fast approaching (September 14th-15th), now is the time to start thinking about how it can fit into class curriculum and syllabi! We hope that professors are encouraging their students to attend the Forum, as classes will be at the Forum on September 14th. We will have two Nobel laureates presenting and in attendance this year, Beatrice Fihn (ICAN, 2017) and Peter Agre (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2003 and an Augsburg alumnus).
In the past, professors have given students extra credit for attending workshops/sessions and writing about their experience.
This year, we also encourage students to volunteer during the Forum. The sign up link is below.

If you would more information about the Forum’s content, and how it might relate to your class, please email Allison Mangan at mangana@augsburg.edu