Saturday–Latino Power Action Coalition organizational meeting

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Latino leaders and non Latino supporters will assemble to share a vision of a Latino-led effort to address issues in common to all of us. We will form an action coalition to help each other on political-cultural-social issues in common. Latino groups will maintain their autonomy as before and still address their individual ethnic and culture related issues.

EN LA UNION ESTA LA FUERZA! Dream away what we can accomplish together!

Please invite your friends and other Latino or non-Latino supporting organizations. All Latino groups are invited to share common values and what concerted actions are possible.

First organizational meeting:
Saturday, April 13
10:00 am
El Colegio High School, 4137 Bloomington Ave. So.

Contact for details or discussion: Miguel E. Fiol MD is the Coordinator of the meeting agenda and member of PRIM, Puerto Ricans in Minnesota. 612-382-4452,

(As a non-Latina, I am posting this message in solidarity with Latinx leaders and will be attending the meeting. If you need transportation to attend, you can ride with me, Sherilyn Young, 612-330-1462. I have room for 3-4.)