EDTalk on Wednesday

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On Wednesday, just prior to the Faculty Meeting, Jenny Kluznik will be delivering her talk, “How PAs Think: A Glimpse Into PA Education”. After you pick up your coffee, head over to HC 151 for a seat by 3:20 pm to listen and learn.

Description of the upcoming EDTalk: The physician assistant (PA) profession often is listed as a top job to have in the US, but roles in healthcare are rewarding and challenging at the same time. Come take a glimpse into how students are trained within PA education to step into the role of health provider, advocate, and leader.

Zoom: https://augsburg.zoom.us/j/608510523 Meeting ID 608-510-523

Wednesday, April 17 | EDTalk with Jenny Kluznik | 3:20 p.m. – 3:35 p.m., HC 151