Queering Superheroes: A Gender Expression Workshop with Heriberto Ramírez (April 16)

submitted by narvaezb@augsburg.edu

Superheroes usually use their extraordinary powers to fight villains, protect victims, and restore peace. With a few exceptions they are usually represented as Cis straight middle/upper class white men, with muscular strong able bodies, thus perpetuating hegemonic ideas about race, class, sexuality, ability and gender. In this workshop, we will challenge these ideas by creating alternative superheroes and narratives. How do superheroes who advocate for social justice and do not use violence look like? What extraordinary powers do they have and how do they use them?

Heriberto Ramírez is a Queer Puerto Rican educator and performer dedicated to anti-violence and popular education, as well as the exploration and celebration of alternative gender expressions. His alter ego Super Macho Menos, does interventions in public spaces challenging toxic masculinity.

Thu April 16 @ Foss Studio Theatre
A Gender, Sexuality and Woman Studies Program Event.