Free Chipotle: Sign up for ALAS Contamination Clean Up

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Join ALAS on Earth Day, Monday April 22, 2019 from 4:30-7:00PM for our Contamination Clean Up event! With this event, we want to help create an environmentally conscience within our community and a cleaner campus. We also hope to improve animal life, while inspiring others to do the same and educate participants the difference between trash, recycle, and compost.

The goal of this event is to clean up any trash and litter around Murphy Square and Augsburg University. We will divide into different groups, where each group will be assigned a specific area to clean around campus. Each volunteer will also receive a FREE t-shirt, water bottle and chipotle!

If you are interesting in participating please sign up with the following link!

To sign up and for more information about the Contamination Clean Up please use the following link:

This event is open to all Augsburg students and staff.

Sign up for the Contamination Clean Up