Auggie Wins a Prestigious Boren Award

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Shamsa Ahmed, who is majoring in Political Science and is a TRIO SSS participant and Act 6 Scholar, just received the prestigious Boren Award Scholarship under the African Flagship Initiative Program. Through this award, Shamsa may spend 8 weeks this summer with a cohort of learners studying Swahili at the University of Florida, followed by 4 months of intensive Swahili language study and cultural immersion in Tanzania. All of her expenses will be paid and she will earn 24 credits. Shamsa was also awarded a Critical Language Scholarship this year!

Boren is established to teach American students less commonly taught languages and cultures in world regions critical to U.S. interests, and underrepresented in study abroad. After graduation, Shamsa will spend at least one year of paid employment in the federal government. She would ultimately like to work for USAID in foreign service. Boren recipients receive Schedule A hiring authority, which gives them preference when applying to federal positions.

Boren Scholarships can be for a 6 months to a year of study abroad or can be an 8-week summer study abroad if you are a STEM major.

To discuss making an application for a Boren Award Scholarship, please contact one of our Boren Campus Representatives: Dixie Shafer, Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Opportunity (URGO) @ or Andrea Dvorak, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study, Center for Global Education and Experience @