LGBTQIA+ Student Services Presents… Emerging Connections: A Queer Pen Pal Project

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Deadline to sign up is APRIL 3rd!

This project was born out of the desire to build Queer community and connection during this time of social distancing. Queer history has shown us that community is one of the ways we survive during challenging or uncertain times. LGBTQ+ resource centers across the nation have come together to connect our Queer students. We hope the relationships that blossom from this program helps provide a sense of connection, belonging and solidarity to our LGBTQ+ students across state and institutional lines.
You have the option of being paired with someone from the Augsburg community or someone from a partner institution:
Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life
Gender and Sexuality Center at the University of Texas Austin
UNLV Student Diversity & Social Justice
UMD Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Central Michigan University Office of LGBTQ Services & Gender Equity
Shout out to all these institutions for helping make this possible!

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