Emergency Meeting for ADSG

submitted by peralesj@augsburg.edu

Vice President Lucía Dávila Álvarez has called an Emergency Meeting to be held on Friday, April 3rd from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.

Student concerns, ideas, and voices regarding the impact of COVID-19 will be heard during New Business. Please reach out to any of the following senators to get placed on the agenda. The agenda will get sent out two hours prior to meeting.

Can’t make it to the meeting?
You can send in your questions, concerns, or ideas over to any ADSG representative. The Augsburg University Helpline is also avalible to answer your questions. Please provide your information and question either by Email: helpline@augsburg.edu or Phone: 612-474-3100 or filling out the form: https://augsburg.az1.qualtrics.com/…/form/SV_e3Ah7xBXSmaabBP

Meeting Details
April 3rd, 2020 at 6:00pm

**Senior Class: **
Brittany Stokes – stokesb@augsburg.edu
Mitch Byers – byersmm@augsburg.edu

Junior Class:
Joe Gaskill -** **gaskillj@augsburg.edu
Berlynn Bitengo – bitengob@augsburg.edu
Gabriel Ijjo – ijjog@augsburg.edu

Sophomore Class:
Adriana Robinson – robins16@augsburg.edu
Bryam Castillo – castillb@augsburg.edu
Ruth Vergara – vergarar@augsburg.edu
Sucaado Omar – omarss@augsburg.edu

**First Year Class: **
Cesar Adrian DG – **degollac@augsburg.edu
Ethan Reed – reedee@augsburg.edu
Thin Thin Khine – kaingt@augsburg.edu
Gabriela Ortiz-Riera – ortizrg@augsburg.edu
Olivia Brammer – brammero@augsburg.edu
Willington Gahona – gahonaw@augsburg.edu

Executive Board:
Arianna Antone-Ramirez – antonea@augsburg.edu
Lucía Dávila Álvarez – davilal@augsburg.edu
Ethan Quezada – quezadae@augsburg.edu
Kayla Sanchez – benitezk@augsburg.edu
Daniel Degollado Gualajara – degollad@augsburg.edu
Miracle Adebanjo – adebanjm@augsburg.edu
Jose Perales – peralesj@augsburg.edu
Elan Quezada – quezada2@augsburg.edu