Student Government COVID-19 Resolution

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Greetings Augsburg Community. I hope all is well with you at this time and you have had a lovely Palm Sunday. I also pray you have a reason to smile on this blessed Miracle Monday morning.

Below you will find an all-important document attached. This document has been composed by Augsburg Day Student Government, but is based off of the information/opinions gathered from a campus-wide petition, extensive communication with student leaders, and a pair of submitted polls from the Day Student Body. This document was then discussed among a panel of ADSG’s finest constituents and voted upon last Friday, April 3rd.

ADSG is an administration initially established to further the educational goals and general welfare of the Augsburg community. We operate in all areas on campus, including environmental action, university finances, and immigration efforts.
My role as The Student Advocate deems me as the elected official to address student concerns; the elected official to serve as liaison for all students in need of representation.

In the first resolution, we came forward to show our support for Augsburg University’s decisions in light of this pandemic. We also came forward to make requests such as: The continuation of housing and dining services; Guaranteed pay for student workers scheduled on the week of march 23rd; Prorated refunds from meal plans, parking passes and residential housing; and the request for a Guaranteed Commencement ceremony once MDH Policy permits.

This next resolution also presents a set of requests, but they pertain more to the individual struggles we students are facing during this stay-at-home order. They include: an alternative and alleviated grading system; guaranteed pay for student workers; and reimbursement for students who already purchased a cap and gown.

Please click the link below, take the time to read said document, and reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

With Love,
Miracle Adebanjo
The Executive Board

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