Echo Hiring New Editors

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The Augsburg Echo is hiring new editors for several positions next year. These positions are paid between $40 and $100 per issue and give a unique opportunity for professional growth. To apply for any number of the open positions, please send a resume and cover letter to Please list all positions that you are applying for in your email.

The open positions, and their responsibilities, are:

Managing Editor

-Be responsible for payment of staff and any other record keeping needs.

-Help uphold journalistic standards and guidelines.

-Assist in running staff and editor meetings as needed.

-Be a part of editing and layout processes.

-Provide instruction to writers and editors when needed.

Layout Editor

-Lay out the paper from front to back page each week. Knowledge of InDesign is strongly recommended for this position.

-Understand journalistic guidelines for layout.

-Create any ads, posters, promotional material, and any other reasonable designed request from the staff.

-Collaborate with editing staff on design aspects of each section.

Web Editor

-Be the coordinator of online publication.

-Post all stories in timely manner.

-Communicate with editors for specifics of each section.

-Maintain all online publication operations.

-Report directly to Editor(s)-in-Chief (or editor assigned to oversee web content) any issues or noteworthy items.

News Editor

-Be knowledgeable about current events including Augsburg, state, national, and world.

-Fact check news articles extensively.

Sports Editor

-Be knowledgeable about Augsburg Athletics schedule and events.

-Attempt to balance sports coverage as much as possible.

-Conduct or coordinate interviews for stories as much as possible, specifically with Augsburg coaches and student-athletes.

Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Editor

-Be knowledgeable about artistic happenings in the Augsburg and greater Minneapolis community.

-Understand the components of a fair and adequate review.