Missing Campus? Try an Augsburg Zoom Background for Today’s Class

submitted by stepkad@augsburg.edu

Download these Augsburg branded Zoom backgrounds for a change in scenery.

• Campus Banner: http://web.augsburg.edu/marcomm/downloads/Zoom-Background_Campus-Banner.jpg

• Spring flowers: http://web.augsburg.edu/marcomm/downloads/Zoom-Background_Spring.jpg

• Auggie–Maroon: http://web.augsburg.edu/marcomm/downloads/Zoom-Background_Auggie-Maroon.png

• Auggie–Gray: http://web.augsburg.edu/marcomm/downloads/Zoom-Background_Auggie-Gray.png

Change your background by logging into Zoom. Go to the settings and select “Virtual Background,” there you can upload the photos and set your background.

Image links can also be found on the Marketing and Communications website.