To All University Students

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Greetings beloved members of the Augsburg community,

First, I want to thank you for your patience in this time, for your commitment to learning, and for your support of Augsburg Day Student Government. We are in an unprecedented time of change, and the role that you, the student body, play in helping Augsburg navigate these challenges is crucial.

I know that this week comes with a ramp up in work as we approach finals, so I wanted to be sure to present the University’s official responses to the resolutions that the current student government leadership has passed to date. The document attached was compiled by members of Augsburg’s leadership and reviewed by President Pribbenow before sending to you. It documents the work Augsburg has done to date on the topics highlighted in the ASDG resolutions.

We recognize — and I know you do as well — that there is still work to do, so let me close by saying that we look forward to ongoing partnership and communication between the Student body, the Augsburg Day Student Government, and University Administrators as we move forward in the final weeks of this semester, through the summer, and into the upcoming school year.

Please keep yourselves healthy and safe — and finish this semester strong!

With Love,

Miracle Adebanjo
Student Advocate
The Executive Board

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