Auggies Act for Earth Week

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April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!! While we can’t celebrate in person, we invite you to take collective action with Auggies near and far. The first Earth Day mobilized college students to demand action for clean air and water for everyone, and in this time of public health and climate crisis, we can still take action together towards long-term change that supports the health and wellbeing of us all. What can we transform? What could a revolutionary new normal look like? Whether you have the time, energy, and passion for taking small personal action, learning something new, building community, or advocating for policy change, we want to hear about it!

Stay tuned to Amail for details, but here’s the big picture of how we can celebrate together next week:

1. Join daily collective learning and action opportunities promoted by ESC – a different opportunity to act together each day.

2. Find other opportunities to take personal communal, and systemic action on a list we’ll share soon. Add your own ideas! Take action whenever you can, in whatever way you can!

3. Share your actions with the ESC facebook page or on other social media platforms using #AuggieEarthWeek2020 (and any other hashtags your networks are using this week).

4. Submit your actions (link shared next week), no matter how big or small, for a chance to win a sustainability care package!

Looking forward to celebrating, learning, and acting together!

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