Mail Services Information

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The mail room is still operating. Regular operating hours are Mon – Fri 9:30am-12pm, there is usually a staff member present in the mail room in the afternoon, if no one is present please stop down to shipping/receiving and we will be able to help you.

Students – If you are unable to stop on campus and pick up your mail we can forward your mail for the rest of the semester. Please email with the address you would like your mail forwarded to. We can only forward 1st Class mail, so no magazines or other mail will be forwarded. We will be sending out a google survey as well about forwarding mail after the semester ends. If you do not intend on using your campus box please let us know so we can close it down.

Staff/Faculty – As there is a very low population on campus we are not running our regular mail runs at the moment. If you have incoming mail that is important please contact us at and we can figure out how to handle your mail. Some options would be to forward the mail onto your home address, open and scan the mail to your email or arrange a pickup/delivery time.