TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge 2020

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Good news! Summer Bridge 2020 offers went out to 25 students on April 17. The class will be finalized with all Bridge participants registered for summer classes by May 8.

Because of COVID-19, Summer Bridge 2020 has moved to an online format. Students will not live in the residence halls nor meet on campus during Summer Bridge. We anticipate using both real-time and offline coursework for summer courses: COM 111 and LIB 130. Summer Bridge will also include Supplemental Instruction to support these courses, daily check ins with instructors, meetings with advisors, and TRIO/SSS students as peer mentors.

This redesign of Summer Bridge shifts RLN 100: Religion, Vocation, and the Search for Meaning and its supplemental or paired study skills course to either fall 2020 or spring 2021. We hope to have more specific information about this schedule change in the next few weeks.

We hope this may help all of you with questions you get from incoming students who may have reached out to you about Summer Bridge. Please continue to direct them our way for follow up:

TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge 2020 is July 6 – August 6.

Thanks for your continued support and collaboration. We could not do this without you!