It’s Earth Day, friends

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Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Take a break sometime today to care for each other and this planet we call home. There’s is much to grieve these days, and also much to celebrate. Do both today if that’s what you need. Read a poem, sing a song, learn a bird call, bring groceries to your neighbor, call a legislator, go for a hike, make a sign for your window, watch a documentary, drink an extra glass of water and give a cheers to the Clean Water Act. So many options! Find more ways to participate on the document below. And if you participate in the special #AuggieEarthWeek2020 event, fill out the form linked in the document for a chance to win a sustainability care package!

“Earth care, as it turns out, is really about self-care and other-care. What we design today impacts how we live tomorrow. For better or for worse, it impacts far into upcoming generations.”
― L.L. Barkat

Auggies Act For Earth Week