Faculty and Staff: Help URGO Recruit Students for Fulbright Program

submitted by kipperj@augsburg.edu

The Fulbright US Student Program offers college graduates the opportunity to participate in diplomacy in over 140 countries, teaching English, working on a Master’s degree, or performing research in any field.

We are asking faculty and staff to notify us of students and alumni who might be a good fit for this program. Depending on program type, students should be academically strong, have demonstrated leadership skills and a record of community engagement on campus or off. For the English Teaching Assistantship experience with tutoring, teaching or coaching is desirable, but no teaching coursework or degree is typically required. Foreign language skills are required in some countries but many countries do not require language skills.

If you know a student interested in this opportunity, please have them contact urgo@augsburg.edu for more information. All current students and recent alumni are welcome to inquire.