Announcing the New Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir

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Do you love to sing *a cappella* harmony? Do you love to learn about other cultures via musical encounter? Then the Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir is for you!

This year, through a combination of synchronous Zoom instruction and archived digital teaching materials, we will safely prepare a full program of study and performance in community singing traditions from Corsica, Cuba, Iran, Nigeria, the Republic of Georgia, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United States. The magic of the virtual space will enable us to learn directly from culture bearers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Augsburg students can join the ATCGHC at no cost through registration in MUS 392. Anyone else in the Metro area may register for a modest fee. Our cumulative study throughout the regular academic year will culminate in concert presentations in April, whether digitally assembled or – medical science permitting – performed in real space-time.

This year’s Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir will establish the choir as an ongoing musical community, available to all year after year. Though we begin in the virtual space, we are poised to open up and meet face-to-face as soon as singers can safely gather again. Therefore, our invitation to members from the Metro community extends to anyone who considers that our home-base at Augsburg is a driveable commute for joining rehearsals or performances.

Watch our video for detailed information, and share this with anyone you know who might want to use it. We look forward to seeing you, and hearing you, in September – in our virtual, intercontinental, vocal harmony space!