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Public Safety and Facilities Announcements

Faculty and Staff Fobs Reactivated August 17; Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes availability

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Updates on the Facilities Management website this week include:

-Faculty and Staff fobs reactivated as of 8:00 a.m. Monday, August 17
-Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to be available at all campus building
entrances by the September 2 start of classes

Please follow the link provided for more information.

Teaching and Learning

Moodle Community Site Upgrade: Response Required for Community Courses to be Copied Over

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The time has come to upgrade our Moodle Community site. The upgrade will not automatically move Moodle Community courses or sites over to the new instance (the exception for this is major and minor sites). Site managers can copy over their sites to the new instance.IT will manually copy or migrate courses and sites over, ONLY if requested via the form below. The current and new instance of Moodle Community will be available till Fall or until the migration is completed. Please fill out the Google form linked below to have your Moodle Community course or site copied over.

*Academic Moodle will not be affected.

link to new community:

link to backup/restore help:

If you have any questions please reach out to Marilyn Wetterer.

Copy Your Moodle Community Course or Site

Wednesday at 10 a.m. : “Kids on Board: Teaching and Learning While Parenting”

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This session will focus on the special challenges that parents — both instructors and students — are facing during this Time of Covid and remote instruction/learning. This session will be more of a facilitated forum to allow faculty to raise concerns and/or share solutions about remote instruction and learning with children at home.

Wednesdays through August 19 from 10 am – 11 am: CTL’s Practical Pedagogy Series

Please join CTL Director Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright and guests for the Practical Pedagogy Series every Wednesday from 10-11am. Designed to complement the Tech Tune-Ups and Tips series and Fellowship Fridays, the Practical Pedagogy series will focus on helping you maintain and/or improve your current pedagogical practices using your preferred Emergency Remote Instruction (ERI, aka Augsburg’s “Hybrid”) option: LIve Remote, Blended, or Parallel. All sessions will be recorded and posted on the Augsburg CTL website, and weekly topics will be posted in A-mail. We look forward to seeing you!

*This workshop is eligible for a $25 stipend for union adjunct faculty. See for information.

Practical Pedagogy (can only be viewed with an Augsburg email address)

URGO Academic-Year Research Application Available

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Each year URGO offers $1,325 research grants for undergraduates who wish to gain research experience with an Augsburg faculty member. These grants require 100 hours of research over the course of the academic year and are a great way to ease into research or to continue work on an existing project.

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, so student-faculty research teams are encouraged to submit proposals in the fall. The URGO Advisory Committee meets bi-monthly and will begin reviewing proposals September 14th.

If you have any questions about undergraduate research opportunities, please contact Dixie Shafer at or

Find the application at URGO’s website.

URGO On-Campus Research

URGO Federal Work-Study Research Pilot Program

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This is a pilot program supporting undergraduate research students through federal work-study funds. We are limiting the number of student researchers supported during the 20-21 academic year to 12 students and funding will be determined by a first-come, first-serve basis. Faculty from any discipline who need assistance with their research from a student are invited to participate in the pilot. An individual faculty member may propose only one student position who will work 5-20 hours per week and no more than their federal work-study allotment. During the 20-21 academic year, the research projects must follow Augsburg’s guidelines regarding Covid-19.

Please note that the student eligibility for federal work-study and the total number of hours must be confirmed by Human Resources after you complete this form. Open until all 12 positions are filled.

If the student will work 100 hours or less total, we recommend applying instead for the URGO Academic Year research grant.

Questions contact Human Resources at

2020-2021 Federal Work-Study Student Researcher Request Form

TOMORROW at 10 a.m. : Accessibility and Keys to Beginning Fall Semester Well

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The first 15 minutes will offer suggestions on how to ensure all students have access to your course content. The rest of the hour will offer tips and strategies for helping your students start well and be successful in the more remote/online environment in which they will be learning this Fall.

After Tuesday’s workshop, take a half-hour break and come back for the Advanced Zooming Lab to practice your skills from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Tech Tune-ups & Tips every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am.

Come Zoom with the E-learning Team as they offer two 60-minute sessions each week on how to maximize your use of Moodle and learning technologies as you get ready for classes this Fall. Each session will open with 15-minutes of “pertinent tips & best practices” about important Moodle features/resources. The final 45 minutes will provide training on a specific learning experience or tool.

*This workshop is eligible for a $25 stipend for union adjunct faculty. See for information.

Tech Tune-ups & Tips (can only be viewed with an Augsburg address)

General Announcements

Add a Global Course to your Fall Schedule

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Looking for a dynamic and engaging online or hybrid course this fall? Want to hear from people all over the world to deepen your knowledge of international perspectives? If yes, we encourage you to register for an Augsburg CGEE online or hybrid course this fall!

These courses are taught by Augsburg CGEE faculty from Mexico, Central America, and Southern Africa and will also bring in a variety of guest speakers and unique voices from around the globe. Several courses fulfill LAF graduation requirements. Courses include:

COM 329-X: Intercultural Communication (Fulfills Augsburg Experience Requirement)
FLM 295/495: Mexican Cultures through Film

HIS 156: The Crisis in Nicaragua: U.S. Destabilization or a Democratic Movement?
HIS 327: Racism and Resistance in Southern Africa and the U.S.
HIS 355: Cultural Conflict and Change in Latin America: The Central American Context
HIS 388: Queer History In Latin America

WST 355: Cultural Conflict and Change in Latin America: The Central American Context
WST 481: Queer History In Latin America
WST 324: Undocumented, Ecofeminist & Queer: Contemporary Latin American Liberation Theologies

POL 310: Citizen Participation in a Globalized Economy
POL 353: Political and Social Change in Namibia

RLN 344: Undocumented, Ecofeminist & Queer: Contemporary Latin American Liberation Theologies

SPA 218: Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
SPA 411: Advanced Conversation & Composition

See fall global courses in Records & Registration

Virtual Advising for Study Abroad and Away | Plan Ahead for Next Year

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The Center for Global Education and Experience (Study Abroad & Away) is operating remotely and we have appointments available via Zoom. Our staff and peer advisors are here to support you as you plan ahead for the future!

Semester and short-term programs in the US and internationally are available for fall semester and beyond. Short-term courses for spring break and summer 2021 have destinations in the following locations: Guatemala, New York City, Minnesota Tribal Lands, Cuba, Germany, and Italy.

Our advisors are here to help every Auggie – whether you’re just getting started with Study Abroad & Away, or you already have a program chosen. Schedule an appointment here:

You can also send us an email:, or stop by our website, below.

Learn more about Study Abroad and Away

Announcing the New Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir

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Do you love to sing *a cappella* harmony? Do you love to learn about other cultures via musical encounter? Then the Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir is for you!

This year, through a combination of synchronous Zoom instruction and archived digital teaching materials, we will safely prepare a full program of study and performance in community singing traditions from Corsica, Cuba, Iran, Nigeria, the Republic of Georgia, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United States. The magic of the virtual space will enable us to learn directly from culture bearers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Augsburg students can join the ATCGHC at no cost through registration in MUS 392. Anyone else in the Metro area may register for a modest fee. Our cumulative study throughout the regular academic year will culminate in concert presentations in April, whether digitally assembled or – medical science permitting – performed in real space-time.

This year’s Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir will establish the choir as an ongoing musical community, available to all year after year. Though we begin in the virtual space, we are poised to open up and meet face-to-face as soon as singers can safely gather again. Therefore, our invitation to members from the Metro community extends to anyone who considers that our home-base at Augsburg is a driveable commute for joining rehearsals or performances.

Watch our video for detailed information, and share this with anyone you know who might want to use it. We look forward to seeing you, and hearing you, in September – in our virtual, intercontinental, vocal harmony space!

Advanced Zooming Lab: Practice Your Zoom Hosting Skills TOMORROW at 11:30 a.m.

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The E-Learning team will be on hand to practice Advanced Zoom hosting skills (e.g., breakout rooms, polling, reactions and participant responses, multiple devices & log-ons, annotation, and screen-sharing) in small groups in breakout rooms. This will be an excellent opportunity to gain experience with these tools in a low-stakes, collegial environment.

This lab add-on to Tech Tune-ups and Tips will take place from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. Checkout the workshop “Accessibility & Keys to Beginning Fall Semester Well” from 10 am – 11 am, take a 30 minute break, and then test out your skills during the lab.

*This lab is eligible for a $25 stipend for union adjunct faculty. See for information.

Tech Tune-ups and Tips Information (can only be viewed with an Augsburg address)

2020 Holiday Schedule

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Benefits-eligible staff should observe the paid holiday schedule unless it is determined by their manager that the department needs to remain open to meet the needs of the campus. Being a student-centered institution, it is expected that certain offices and services will need to remain open on some or all of these days. If you have questions about whether you are scheduled to work, please see your supervisor.

Thank you!
Your Human Resources and Payroll Team

2020 Holiday Schedule

Augsburg’s Student Graphic Design Studio Design and Agency Call for Community Clients

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Augsburg’s student graphic design studio Design & Agency announces an open call for community clients.

This fall 2020 the student graphic design studio, Design & Agency ( at Augsburg University will have room to welcome five new non-profit, community, and/or BIPOC-owned organizations for a brand, or event, identity design project. New client application form can be found here:

Project specifications below:

• Client project submissions due by August 24th
• Five final clients will be selected by August 31st
• 12-week project timeline, commencing the week of September 7th and concluding the week of November 23rd.

Option A: Brand Identity Design
• Brand logo
• Business card
• Graphic Standards guidelines (up to 10-page document.)
• Any two of the following elements:
– Letterhead + Envelope
– Social media avatars (up to 5)
– Exterior/interior signage
– Social media header images (up to 3)
– Choice of one piece of merchandise design (tote bag, t-shirt, etc.)

Option B: Event Promotion **
• Event logo
• Promotional poster (digital and print format)
• Graphic Standards guidelines (up to 10-page document.)
• One of the following additional elements:
– Expanded series of promotional posters (up to 3)
– Event signage
– Choice of one piece of merchandise design (tote bag, t-shirt, etc.)
** Event must take place AFTER November 30th, 2020

• Project budgets are ‘pay what you can’. (
• Client is responsible for production material costs (printing, fabrication, etc.)

The new client application form:

Design & Agency Website

Event Announcements

“Get Ready for Fall” Session TODAY, 8/20, and 8/26

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Join one of the three Get Ready for Fall sessions for faculty and staff this month. These sessions will cover key information that faculty and staff need to know about coming to campus to work this fall. Presenters are Rebecca John, VP and chief operating officer and Dawn Miller, HR Director.

8/17 10-11 a.m.
8/20 noon-1 p.m.
8/26 3:30-4:30 p.m.

The link to join the webinar is on the All Hands page on Inside Augsburg.

All Hands page

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