COVID-19: Adhere to Health Guidelines in Social Media

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You already know that what you post on social media can impact your reputation, and you probably monitor what you do or say accordingly.

During the pandemic, there’s a new thing to watch out for: photos that don’t reflect physical distancing or the appropriate use of masks. Such photos can go viral, generating negative feedback.

This is especially important for social media posts that represent Augsburg. In order to support students, staff, faculty, and their families, we are following the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidelines for institutions of higher education, as well as Governor Walz’s executive order mandating face coverings in public spaces indoors as well as outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Photos posted to Augsburg social media accounts or photos that tag Augsburg should reflect these practices.

Please also keep in mind that photos from before the pandemic may be misinterpreted. For now please do not use old photos that show groups of people close together for Augsburg-related communications.