COVID-19 Dashboard Metrics for August 23-29

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Augsburg’s COVID-19 transmission level remained at level 1 — low transmission — last week. We have followed up with everyone who was identified as a close contact of the new cases.

The Minnesota Department of Health requires 14 days of self-quarantine for anyone who was within 6 feet of someone who tests positive — even if you are wearing a face covering. The amount of time you need to be within 6 feet is very short: a cumulative 15 minutes, which could be over multiple days (e.g., five minutes a day for three days). So, keep yourself safe and reduce potential spread by wearing your face covering AND keeping 6 feet of distance.

The Augsburg COVID-19 Dashboard is updated weekly. The page shows the current percent of cases among the on-campus population and some key actions the university would need to take if cases increase to a moderate level (1% of the on-campus population) in a 2-week period.

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