Faculty Course Evaluation Support

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As the semester comes to a close, don’t miss a critical opportunity to hear what students think about your course! The University Course Survey (UCS) is now open (https://p19.courseval.net/etw/ets/et.asp?nxappid=AU2&nxmid=start), and setting aside time during class is an effective way to maximize the number of responses to this institution-wide survey. Create a link on your Moodle site, or share it live during class and give students 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

But what about those burning questions that aren’t on the UCS?! With so many changes to course delivery, the typical UCS might not be telling you all that you want to know. That’s why we’re offering resources to help you design your own customizable course-specific survey. These allow you to set your own survey goals and obtain crucial and confidential feedback on student experiences in your classes.

Click below for a link to the End of Semester Supplemental Course Survey Template and a brief instructional video on how to set these up in your own classes. (You must use your Augsburg login to view.)

End of Semester Supplemental Course Survey Template and Instructional Video