Continued Support for Augsburg Family After COVID-19 Deaths

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The CGEE Mexico Site wants to thank all of you who gave generous contributions to support the 5 Rios-Sanchez children after the COVID deaths of Isabel Sanchez & Moises Rios, who were an important part of the Augsburg Mexico staff for many years. We are happy to report that the youngest (11-year-old Sliri) now has a refurbished computer in order to complete her online coursework. She is very excited about having her first computer, and we are hopeful that it will help her tremendously as she does her best to keep up her straight-A average in school and someday attend university, perhaps here at Augsburg.

Thanks to you and your spreading the word, The GoFundMe campaign for the Rios-Sanchez family has already succeeded in raising more than our initial goal of US $15,000. However, we are extending the campaign due to the enormous needs of the family, so if you haven’t given yet and would like to (or want to tell friends), please do so. Thank you, Ann Lutterman-Aguilar, CGEE Mexico Site Director & Global Faculty