Augsburg Faculty Recognized for Distinguished Contributions in Teaching

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Augsburg annually recognizes teaching faculty that have made exemplary contributions to creating an engaging academic learning environment through awards for teaching, scholarship, and service. Congratulations to the 2021 Awardees!

Here are the Teaching Awardees:

Distinguished Contribution in Teaching (Full-Time Faculty Member)
Jacqueline deVries; History
“Professor deVries is an outstanding colleague who has modeled exemplary teaching during her time at Augsburg. She sets high standards and builds courses carefully to encourage student development.Jacqui is dedicated to interdisciplinary curricula that extends beyond the classroom and across the globe. Over her tenure at Augsburg Jacqui has introduced or invented at least nine new courses, broadening the range of course offerings to meet changing student interest and needs. Her consistent willingness to create new teaching and learning experiences benefits students and the University alike.”

Distinguished Contribution in Teaching (Adjunct Faculty Member)
Anna Bonderson; Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
“Anna approaches each student with respect and support. She helps each student identify and remedy their gaps or misunderstanding through clearly-explained, relevant examples. Anna does an exceptional job of teaching and she cares deeply about student learning. As one student said: “Professor Bonderson is an amazing professor. She genuinely cares about all of her students and she went above and beyond to prepare us for each exam. She is the kind of professor who will not let a student fail if the student advocates for themself. I LOVED her class even though I hate math.”